Drift is a booking agency founded in 2017 by driven, passionate and experienced people with a close relationship to the electronic music scene that has been built through running multiple labels. We're located in a city with one of the most exciting, fresh and prolific music scenes in the world: Berlin, Germany.


The agency's bookers act as contacts and advisors for a well-selected range of artists within the spectrum of Techno music, consisting of both up-and-coming and longstanding, established artists from all over Europe. We discover the ideal solution for both our artists and for promoters, taking the needs of both sides into consideration. The bond between the artist and agency is strong and steady; we've built a house for our music 'family' where everyone feels welcome, nurtured, supported and understood.




We don't just work as catalysts for administration-related matters. We're advisors in all situations, including artistic development and other relevant areas of an artist's career.


The agency is not only a partner for our respective artists but also for the requesting promoters. We're looking for long-term relationships and will seek out the best solutions for both our artists and the promoters with whom we work.