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With his origins in the East of Germany and firmly grounded in the fields of Electronic music, this young Berlin-based producer likes to move in the cryptic, prioritizing the expression of emotions over a specific genre to express them with. Be it Techno, be it Ambient, be it a more experimental attempt to music with influences from Trap, Dubstep or IDM, Array Access always finds a way to adapt them to his very unique vision of sound.

Distortion, harshness, sustained pad sounds, loads of reverb, many pitched down and slowed down sounds as well as lots of noise and mud form a constant in the young Berliner's output, and although all this comes from the wish to express angst and melancholy, Array Access's music manages to find its way to beauty–lulled by soundscapes, spheres and pads, the brutal drum patterns try to find a way out, batteling their way from the depth of anxiety to the surface of joy.



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