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As the founder of Krill Music, Espen Lauritzen has wasted no time in brandishing his driving style of techno. Though coined from Espen’s new residence in Europe (as of 2010 from Argentina), the label’s importance for the history of the South American dance-music scene can be seen as objectively invaluable - its foothold dating back to 2011 . With the help of the now established DJ and friend, Jonas Kopp and Argentina’s infamous Cocoliche club, Lauritzen and his label have risen through the ranks, maintaining a solid position of notoriety in contemporary techno.


Since moving to Europe in 2010, Lauritzen’s output has naturally refined itself. Constantly producing, yet seldom releasing, the Argentinian has an admirable trait of releasing at the right place and right time. F/T/S landed on London-based label LDNwht maiden release (curated by Gareth Wild and Dax J) back in 2014, which has since become an underground goldmine for DJs, presenting itself in the form of various artist releases. So effective was the release that it picked up some serious support from Berghain resident Fiedel who has since featured the track (along with id B) in his latest mix for Ostgut Ton . Such was the belief in the Norwegian-cum-Argentinian, Espen started off 2018 DJing for Berghain’s Klubnacht, hosted by Fiedel.


Having proven his hand at being label boss, DJ and producer, Lauritzen’s efforts at the three always seem to be shifting its emphasis. Krill has proudly released over 11 records and with a roster boasting the likes of Jonas Kopp, Stanislav Tolkachev, Matrixxman to mention but a few, the legacy of Krill and Espen Lauritzen continues to prove itself - all at the hands of the ambition of the man behind it all.



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