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Residing in Cologne, Kavaro is an exile from Leipzig. He has succumbed to his love of electronic music by the late ’80s.

In the early ’90s he lived in Munich where he became a bona-fide vinyl junkie, inspired by the local Techno community (Technomania, Ultraschall, Optimal Recordstore).


After a few years’ hiatus and a relocation to Cologne he reentered the Techno scene in 2009. Inspired by the Cologne based

underground Techno scene he switched from the dancefloor to behind the decks and began to stock up on records once again.

He was spinning locally at various events for Psycho Thrill Cologne, Brutalism or Electronic Love, at many off location

parties in north rhine-westphalia as well as in many Clubs outside of Cologne.



During his all-vinyl sets, always marked by a great variety of styles, one can feel the inspiration he receives from Wave/EBM, Industrial, Electro/IDM and as well Detroit Techno. His sets are usually a mixture of older tracks and newer tracks from the latest vinyl releases.


In February 2013 Kavaro started his own Techno event series "Sector" in Cologne. This new event series allows him to invite serious artists to Cologne and to create his own style as a DJ inspired by them. At Sector he played beside Rrose, Vatican Shadow, Paula Temple, Inigo Kennedy, Ancient Methods, Dasha Rush, James Ruskin and many more great artists.


Finally, Kavaro started his work on own music productions, and in August 2017 he launched the record label "Sector Music" as a part of Sector Cologne with his very first own 12" release "Thiera EP" including remixes by Milton Bradley and NX1.



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