PURE / PURE TRAXX / Stress Research

Born into an East-German family of artists, Stefan Rein experienced the world of music, especially within the theater scene, from early on. After many years of classic piano lessons during his childhood and youth, he devoted himself to electronic music in the early 1990s, when Hardcore became his first passion and Bunker-Tapes were deemed his collectables. The most crucial experience for Stefan, however, was the opening of the "GERBEREI" in 1994, the oldest techno club in Mecklenburg, which should become the basis for all his future developments.


After countless hauls through proper record stores as well as socializing and establishing contacts in the regional music scene, he started to launch his own party projects - with joining EASYTRAXX Recordstore and GERBEREI as a co-operator, a solid base was established for the following years.


While meeting high musical demands, it is Stefans topmost credo to electrify and carry away the guests of the club. His sound is confrontational, in a special way his dedication to solid beats fills the room with sincere, genuine techno. Beyond any specific codification, fixed boundaries or stereotypical build-ups, his sets establish a new relationship energy between DJ and audience. As a Resident Stefan was an inherent part of the GERBEREI in Schwerin - he shared his understanding of techno not only with those who want to listen to music but with those who want to interpret it. Being yourself is always the result of interaction with others. For Stefan, the friendships that formed over the years within the scene are both anchor and catalyzer at the same time.


"Techno unites".


After moving into a new domicile in Schwerin with his company "newspeak-RAW", Stefan fulfilled a long-cherished dream with the foundation of his record label "PURE". Outputs with Blind Observatory, Avion, Leytonstone and Orion were well received. The releases appeared as limited editions and exclusively on vinyl.


Within the last few years more heartfelt projects followed - "PURE TRAXX" und "Stress Research" took root and have lately come up with acts like Andre Kronert, Alex.Do, Distant Echoes, Ron Albrecht and Matrixxman. Stefans musical ideas are becoming more and more shaped. Progress is the realization of utopias - time will tell.



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